The second stage opens to the public today for the first time in a week, allowing access to the upper mountain and many feet of untracked powder. It is the conclusion of a waiting period following the first major storm of February. It leaves a meter (three feet) of fresh snow in its wake. Game on - Release the Hounds!
Photo credit: John Carolin
Skier: Andrew Jowett

I generally get my ass handed to me by the steep, the deep, and the vastness of the terrain. It's my rookie day on Stage Two and I make several mistakes. I ride the gully, main bowl, since I haven't figured out how to ride the hill. I have no legs and no lungs (it's been 22 months since my last turns), and I foolishly take a 181cm board on the hill. I bury the nose and cartwheel the steeps several times. Far from ripping, I'm learning all over again. That night I sleep like a baby from 8:00 PM till morning.
Photo credit: John Carolin
Rider: Michael O'Connor

Just another day in Paradise for professional snowboarder Steve Fisher. This week it is India, next week who knows? Life is pretty good when you are on tour and sponsors are paying the bills.
Photo credit: Dave Watson
Rider: Steve Fisher