If you are going to spend any time at all in Kashmir it pays to do a little homework on the subject of the local cuisine, otherwise you may be intimidated by its appearance, its aroma, and the presentation. Without knowing what you are looking for in advance you may find yourself reduced to eating the same old standards, missing out on a truly interesting epicurean experience.

I made the mistake of not following my own advice and arrived blindly in Srinagar, without the slightest idea of how I was going to happily load my feedbag. As a result I was forced to experiment with several dubious meals, and frankly, the general stench in Srinagar did not stimulate my appetite in any positive manner. Furthermore, I learned pretty quickly that the main protein ingredient is mutton, a meat I find totally unappealing.

Do yourself a favor and consult the following websites, or risk eating meals of vegetable mash and rice, or worse, biscuits and soda.

Cuisines of Jammu and Kashmir
Wazwan - The Heart and Soul of Kashmiri Cuisine by Bindiya
Photo credit:
John Carolin