Many countries require a visa in order to visit and India is no exception. The Embassy of India sends this business to Travisa Visa Outsourcing, an outstandingly quick service that turned my passport and visa around in a week flat. A 10-year, multiple-entry visa costs about USD$150 compared to a 6-month, multiple-entry visa for about USD$75, so I opted for the longer visa.

With visa in hand it was time to spend real money and commit to the voyage by purchasing airline tickets. Browsing ticket brokers like Cheap Tickets and Travelocity gave me a rough idea of prices but eventually Expedia was the service selling me the tickets for about USD$2000 R/T on Jet Airways from JFK to SXR through BRU. All I know about this airline is that it is not an American carrier and for that, sadly, I feel safer.

This may be the best explanation of "How To Get to Gulmarg" from Srinagar. Thanks to

It costs 40 rupees to buy a dollar, so this 100INR bank note represents USD$2.50 (at time of posting).
Photo credit: MHIP